Spark Arrestor for thatch spark arrestor thatchingspark guard for a thatched roof

The steel used was 1/8 inch galvanised after forming and welding, there is no reason why heavy stainless could not be used. Plain steel would have a very short life. 

The internal tube fitting into the pot must be a tight fit and securely fixed to the pot or stack as the design allows a sweeps brush to enter inside it for cleaning. A modification for very dirty fuel would be to have the external tube made so it could be detachable from the internal to allow cleaning of the gap between tubes. 

One made to this design impedes the sparks of a size likely to cause damage, I have seen one that was on top of a chimney fire that burned off the galvanising and bent the metal, no other damage was found other than the whole stack had cracked in the heat. 

Use only dry, well seasoned wood, good quality coal or peat, avoid overfilling the fire a little fuel often is best.

Give careful consideration to the state of the stack and ideally have it lined. 

Chimney Fire


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